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From the President’s Desk – MAY - JUNE 2018
Dear KAMFA Family Members,
The new Financial Year has brought with it, plenty of volatility, profits and losses for investors and us. The Elections and Results have had an impact on the overall markets. Rising Crude prices, the fluctuating Rupee and international conflict have not gone down well. Also the likely reduction of TER is a reality that has appeared stronger than before.

In the midst of all this action, Team KAMFA would like to raise a challenging question for all of us - What are YOU doing, for KAMFA ? Many Members expect KAMFA to do a lot for them. KAMFA must do & Give everything that one can think of, without they giving back anything in return. Try as much as we can, there can never be a situation of only take, take and take. The way forward is give and take. Can We Give KAMFA more than we can take from it? The answer to this question can be found, somewhere, in the lines below.

How is this possible for each of our members? Answer these simple questions - To Yourself.

  1. Will You Participate:
    It can help you grow as also your fellow members to grow too. Every day is a new learning opportunity. There are trainings, education opportunities, growth avenues. Take part and help others to learn and grow. KAMFA organises a lot of trainings and learning sessions. Let us learn together.
  2. Can You Share?:
    All the right, relevant things that can help the community / business to grow. No false information, no useless forwards on social media, no arguments. Strictly no religion, politics. Purely useful inputs. Use the right tools and expand your knowledge
  3. Are You a KAMFA Brand Ambassador?:
    Your self image and public persona will reflect the ethos and the thoughts of the industry and that will attract the right sort of investors / people towards you. Each one of us should be proud to be a member of KAMFA, which believes in equipping its members to become better at their businesses. No vested OR Commercial interests. Pure Focus on YOUR Business Growth.
  4. Do You Help your fellow members?:
    Many new people are entering our profession. Make an effort to reach out, help them to set up + get used to the right practices. Connect them to the relevant people for helping them to sort their thoughts and actions. The older members also can use all the help that they can get. So many people want to use technology. Want to use newer methods of selling and building their business. Many a time they tend to use shortcuts or the wrong practices. This can hurt their prospects in this business for the times to come. Be Proactive.
  5. Do You Network?:
    Our members come from very diversified backgrounds. They carry loads of experience and connections. Interaction can help overcome many a difficult situation. Friendships can also lead to long term profitable partnerships and teamwork. Why not Collaborate and Profit more?
  6. How much can You Give?:
    Do give in your useful and constructive ideas, thoughts, suggestions for improving the lives and businesses of our members. The KAMFA family can do with more inputs and participation from all of us. Give your support to those who are working for your good, long term benefit. All of us at Team KAMFA are volunteers. Taking time out of our business schedule and working for the community. Extend us your constant support and help positively.
  7. How Often do you Learn, Unlearn and Relearn?:
    We are blessed to be in an industry which gives us regular chances to upgrade our selves with knowledge, facts, and experiences. Many of our old thoughts, methods may not be relevant in the current times. Newer technologies and products have taken the place of the old. Improvements are a constant. Adopt the new, improvise on the old, create niches for yourselves, specialise, simplify. Grow exponentially. All of us have the equal opportunity to create an AUM of 100 crores + and multiples thereof. Harness technology. Expand your thought process. Think Differently.
  8. Taking Calculated Risks, are You?:
    This is for developing business and growing it beyond what you have been doing so far. Consider newer methods, systems and business requirements. Stepping out of our comfort zone and doing things which scare us or make us uncomfortable. Take the not so common path.
  9. Are you Investing in to your business?:
    Time, money and technology constantly demand attention and upgrades. We have to invest in to our business and help our colleagues to understand the need for adopting the same. Our investors are constantly being exposed to online platforms, newer technologies, print & other media, public discussions, and so on.. If we keep them updated then our chance for expansion of wallet share of investments is high. Keep investing in to your business.
  10. Why don't you Teach?:
    Spend time in sharing the knowledge that we have. The sharing can be done through IAP's for prospective investors, existing investors, as also our colleagues. The more we teach the more we can learn newer facts. For continuous growth, teaching is an important part. You don't need to be a teacher to share your learnings
  11. Can You Keep it Simple?:
    For many of our investors, it may be difficult to comprehend the entire details of what we share with them. Similarly, our own colleagues may have many a doubt, about a particular topic, which they may not be completely clear about. By simplifying it for them the topic can become more clearer to all including ourselves. Constantly Simplify.
  12. Be Positive, all the time?:
    Under varied inputs of business via print + social + visual media exposure, we are constantly exposed to not so positive data and information. In this scenario it is very important that we maintain our sanity and keep a cool and calm atmosphere, both in our minds and our surroundings. This will help us to focus on what is right for us and our investors. Never Underestimate the power of Positivity.
The above is not an exhaustive list of what one can do for KAMFA. There can be much more. The general idea is to concentrate on growing our business in a positive and growth oriented environment. Helping each other can go a long way in keeping ourselves healthy, both mentally and physically. This is the only business in which we can help each other, learn and grow more. We are in a thoughtful business. Knowledge is constantly changing and growing. How much of it can we use for profiting ourselves and our colleagues is a thought I would like to leave you with.

Neelesh Shah (President, KAMFA)
31st May 2018

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Karnataka Association of Mutual Fund Advisors (KAMFA) was formed in August 2009, with some leading senior IFAs of Bangalore City coming together. The idea of a formal Association was being discussed and mulled for some time, before a drastic change in regulation, made the formation of our Association from thought to reality pretty quickly.

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