KAMFA Learning Academy

KAMFA’s Learning Academy (KLA) is one of KAMFA’s most important activities. The KLA conducts knowledge sessions for our members to continuously enhance the knowledge & skills of our members. The KLA Knowledge sessions consists of both subject matter and soft skills, and are conducted by all our chapters for the local members. However the frequency may vary based on topic and speaker availability at the location. Normally conducted monthly or bi-monthly, the topics and speakers for these sessions are carefully selected to bring maximum benefit to our members.

We also actively take feedback from the participants to keep current latest industry and participant requirements. We urge the attendees to always share feedback with the KLA team of the local chapter.

Social Causes

KAMFA is not just all about money and financial talk. KAMFA’s social initiatives bring together the IFA community to do their bit to help our society and environment as well. We regularly, in tie-up with Fund Houses, bringing together the man power to make events like blood donation camps, tree-planting initiatives, etc a bog success. In the past, IFAs have been very enthusiastic about these initiative.

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Karnataka Association of Mutual Fund Advisors (KAMFA) was formed in August 2009, with some leading senior IFAs of Bangalore City coming together. The idea of a formal Association was being discussed and mulled for some time, before a drastic change in regulation, made the formation of our Association from thought to reality pretty quickly.

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